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Main Features

File and folder encryption

CyberSafe gives you the ability to encrypt your files and folders both for basic personal use and exchanging data with other users. You can encrypt your data in three ways: using PKI, by password or by creating self-extracting encrypted zip-archives.

Disk encryption

CyberSafe can be effectively used to protect the confidential data of any level of importance. The program allows you to encrypt local disk partitions and to create virtual encrypted drives (safes). Encryption is symmetric algorithm-based with a key length up to 448 bits.

E-mail encryption

CyberSafe provides certificate-based e-mail encryption and gives you the ability to protect your electronic correspondence when using any mail client – Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat! and others, as well as on iPhones and Androids . As a result, the only person reading your emails will be the intended recipient.

Network folder encryption

CyberSafe can be used to efficiently set up transparent encryption for network folders in a corporate environment where there is a need to provide several company employees with simultaneous access to the same encrypted folder, and also for setting access privileges for confidential information of any sensitivity level.

Cloud encryption

Cloud encryption feature allows you to protect files on any cloud resources, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, Box and others including the ability of enterprise cloud encryption in companies and organizations.

Hiding files and folders

CyberSafe allows you to hide both separate folders with files and entire logical disks from the operating system and outsiders. The hidden elements remain invisible even when booting the computer in safe mode and when being viewed via a remote administration program.

Encryption Software comparison

Features:   CyberSafe   Symantec EPE (PGP)   BestCrypt (Jetico)
Email encryption   Email Client certificate configuration   Yes   No
Files encryption   Yes   Yes   No
File system Transparent encryption   Yes   No   No
Cloud encryption   Yes   No   No
Cloud encryption access management   Yes   No   No
Network folders encryption   Yes   Yes   No
Network folders access management   Yes   Yes   No
Partition encryption   Yes   Yes   Yes
System drive encryption   No   Yes   No
UEFI support   No   Yes   Yes
Virtual container encryption   Yes   Yes   Yes
Two-factor authorization   Yes   No   No
Removable storage encryption   Yes   Yes   Yes
Digital signature   Yes   Yes   No
Certificate X.509 creation   Yes   No   No
Trusted applications management   Yes   No   No
Hiding files & folders   Yes   No   No
License expiration   Never   12 months   Never
Price, USD   95   180-250   99


Features:   Free   Advanced   Professional   Ultimate   Enterprise
Files encryption   Yes (limited)   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Partition encryption   Yes (limited)   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
File container encryption   Yes (limited)   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
Transparent files encryption   Yes (limited)   No   Yes   Yes   Yes
Cloud encryption   Yes (limited)   No   Yes   Yes   Yes
Corporate cloud encryption   No   No   No   No   Yes
2 factor authorization   No   No   No   Yes   Yes
Public key length   1024   2048   4096   8192   8192
Password length   4 characters   16 characters   16 characters   Unlimited   Unlimited
Best algorithm   DES   AES   AES   BlowFish   BlowFish
Key length   64   256   256   448   448
Digital signature   No   No   Yes   Yes   Yes
Crypto-Pro Support   No   No   No   No   Yes
Compression Level   No   High   High   Maximum   Maximum
Number of Private IDs   1   1   3   Unlimited   Unlimited
Number of Recipients   2   20   20   Unlimited   Unlimited
Number of keys in ID   1   1   5   Unlimited   Unlimited
Licensed seats   1   1   1   2   10
Network folders   No   No   No   Yes   Yes
Network folder users   0   0   1   2   Unlimited
Hide folders   No   No   Yes   Yes   Yes
Phone support   No   No   No   No   Yes
Price, USD   FREE   49.50   75.50   95.90   550.00
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CyberSafe Top Secret is an information security program that uses modern encryption algorithms (RSA, AES, BlowFish, etc.). The assortment of tools and features provided by CyberSafe Top Secret are valuable in all fields that work with information: protecting confidential information, protecting E-mail correspondence, creating and validating digital signatures.
CyberSafe Top Secret supports encryption on the basis of Public Key Infrastructure, and allows you to encrypt computer hard drives partitions, create encrypted virtual drives of any size, and also hide logical disks and encrypted files and folders on the user’s computer.

Main Advantages


CyberSafe Top Secret gives you the ability to encrypt files and folders in different ways. When protecting files on a local computer, they can be placed in an encrypted partition of a logical disk, can be kept in a virtual encrypted volume, or can be stored in a folder protected by the transparent encryption feature.

When transferring files to other users, you can use Public Key Infrastructure, password encryption or encrypted self-extracting archives.

Supports Several CryptoprovidersSupports Several Cryptoproviders

OpenSSL is an open-source cryptographic toolkit that allows you to create RSA, DH, and DSA keys, X.509 and PKCS#12 certificates, digital signatures, and form CSR and CRT.

OpenPGP is a Public Key Infrastructure-based email encryption protocol, which defines standard formats for encrypted messages, digital signatures, private keys, and also allows digital signature validation when exchanging public keys.

CryptoPro CSP is the Russian Federation certified cryptoprovider, providing support for the GOST 28147-89 and the GOST P34.10-2001 cryptostandards, which are necessary when working with any information system associated with the storing and processing of information that constitutes a state secret.

Two-Factor AuthenticationTwo-Factor Authentication

CyberSafe Top Secret uses a two-factor authentication system. This means that you not only need to know the password to access encrypted files, but also you need to have the private key, which must be stored on a removable disk, not a personal computer.

In this way, even if an intruder somehow manages to figure out your password, they still won’t be able to get access to the encrypted files as the private key is exclusively in your possession.

The Trusted Applications SystemThe Trusted Applications System

The Trusted Applications System was added to CyberSafe Top Secret to strengthen its security. It creates a list of trusted programs that will be able to access protected files for the folder the files are kept in, while the files that are not trusted will not have access. This allows you to limit access to confidential information for spyware, malware and other unwanted applications.

Transparent Network Folder EncryptionTransparent Network Folder Encryption

The program CyberSafe Enterprise can be used to efficiently set up transparent encryption for network folders in a corporate environment where there is a need to provide several company employees with simultaneous access to the same encrypted folder, and also for setting access privileges for confidential information of any sensitivity level.

Encryption on the User’s ComputerEncryption on the User’s Computer

When CyberSafe Enterprise is used for network folder encryption, all file encryption and decryption is performed exclusively by the user’s computer. This means that confidential files on the server are always stored encrypted which provides reliable protection. The program does not have to be installed on the file server and can be used in a corporate environment for information security in network-attached storages with an NTFS file system.

CryptoPro CSP SupportCryptoPro CSP Support

Russian legislation requires that all public institutions and information systems associated storing and processing information that constitutes a state secret, use encryption mechanisms that meet the GOST 28147-89 domestic cryptostandard, and the GOST P34.10-2001 Electronic Digital Signature standard. In addition, only certified cryptoproviders can be used for information encryption within the territory of the Russian Federation.

The program CyberSafe Enterprise supports the GOST 28147-89 encryption algorithm and is compatible with the CryptoPro CSP cryptoprovider certified in the Russian Federation, therefore, it completely satisfies the above requirements.

Modern encryption algorithmsModern encryption algorithms

AES is one of the most widely studied, and used symmetric block-encryption algorithms (key size up to 256 bits).

GOST is the Russian state standard for symmetric encryption (key size up to 256 bits). Among its advantages are that it renders forceful attacks useless, and it provides protection against the sneaking in of false data.

Blowfish is a block symmetric encryption algorithm (key size up to 448 bits). It is used when frequent change of keys is not required and high encryption and decryption speed is needed.

RSA is an asymmetric encryption algorithm (key size up to 8192 bits) allowing Public Key Infrastructure-based encryption (PKI), as well as the creation and validation of digital signatures.

Storing keys on tokensStoring keys on tokens

CyberSafe Enterprise allows you to hold cryptographic keys on tokens. It provides an additional level of security – you can always keep the private key on your person instead of leaving it on your computer.

Licenses and CertificatesLicenses and Certificates

CyberSafe’s entire product line is certified and licensed by the FSB and FSTEK, which allows the program to be used with Crypto Pro CSP, which is certified in the Russian Federation for information processing in banking, and state institutions.

Support and Training MaterialsSupport and Training Materials

The official CyberSafe site has detailed text training materials and video lessons on how to use the program, which would be useful both to information security amateurs and seasoned users alike. If you cannot find an answer to a question that interests you, you can always ask through our site’s tech support.

Customer Reviews

“Our company’s activities are directly related to the storage and processing of personal data that need reliable protection. For these purposes in our daily activities we have more than two years of successful use of CyberSafe – the software to protect information throught encryption”.
Bradley Jeffers – Head of IT security
“Our company’s corporate information is stored on a Windows Storage Server, so it was important for us to set up transparent encryption of network folders on this remote server, as well as to restrict access to encrypted files between our employees. With CyberSafe Enterprise we were able to successfully implement all these tasks”.
Tohmas Crouch – Security Administrator
“CyberSafe Enterprise developers were able to unite a really extensive set of features to protect information. Another equally powerful solution we could not find anywhere else. This is one of the main reasons why our choice was made in favor of the CyberSafe”.
Benvolio Alampi – Deputy Director on Issues of Information Security
“With CyberSafe software we not only securely protected our data on local computers, but also configured corporate Email encryption in mail clients, as well as on mobile devices running iOS and Android, that was very important for our organization”.
Jaremy Clark – CEO
ALMA HealthCare Pharmaceutical Company
“Thanks to CyberSafe software, which is part of our data protection system, we were able to provide reliable protection for the entire flow of information that we process. In our view, today CyberSafe is one of the best solutions for use in companies and public institutions”.
Michael Hooper – Head of IT security
“A lot of important information in our company is stored on the Google Drive as backups. Thanks to CyberSafe Enterprise we not only reliably protected our files on this remote server, but also were able to resolve the issue of delimitation of access rights to confidential information for our employees, as well as arrange simultaneous work for them with encrypted files in real time”.
Karsten Ebersbacher – CEO
Wissenschaft EVD-Systeme GmbH

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