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Transparent file encryption on a PC using Cybersafe File Encryption
We’ve added a “transparent file encryption” function to the new version of CyberSafe. In this article, I’ll describe how this function works and its basic abilities, as well as its advantages over EFS, the standard data encryption system of windows.

Transparent encryption: pros and cons
In this article, we are going to tell about transparent encryption implemented by means of CyberSafe Top Secret software. Along with this program, we shall demonstrate how to decrypt files encrypted with EFS….

Cryptocontainer vulnarabilities for remote attacks
At present, cryptocontainers are used to store confidential information both on user’s PCs and in corporate environment of businesses and institutions; they can be created with almost any encrypting software. Cryptocontainers are so widespread because they are convenient in handling encrypted files and offer opportunity to implement on-the-fly encrypting.

Crypto containers vulnerabilities
One of the most convenient solutions to encrypt files is the creation of virtual encrypted volumes, which are also called crypto containers. However, not everyone is aware of the shortcomings of this method and that mismanagement of their use may do more harm than good.

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