CyberSafe Mail Encryption


User-Friendly Design


While CyberSafe Mail Encryption is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in, you don’t have to exit your email client or install any additional software to work with it. The plug-in’s interface is very similar to that of Outlook, so any user can adapt to the plug-in as soon as possible.

Reliable encryption algorithms

Reliable encryption algorithms

To protect electronic correspondence, CyberSafe Mail Encryption uses the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with public keys up to 8192 bits long, which makes deciphering of your electronic communication impossible. There are some encryption algorithms supported: AES 128, AES 192, AES 256, DES, DES3, RC2.



Email encryption is performed at the user end (email client) rather than on the server; it ensures that only authorized end users have access to the information that has been sent.

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