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CyberSafe Files Encryption

Files Encryption Software - CyberSafe

Transparent Encryption

CyberSafe File Encryption provides the ability to use the transparent encryption feature for folders on the user’s local computer, and also for network folders on a remote server. Encryption and decryption occur automatically, “on-the-fly” upon file creation and editing, while at the same time work done on the encrypted files takes place in the normal way with standard system applications.

Files Encryption Software - CyberSafe

Public Key Infrastructure-Based Encryption

Public Key Infrastructure-based file and folder encryption allows exchanging encrypted files with other users with all the advantages of asymmetric cryptography. Files are encrypted via the recipients’ Public Keys, and decrypted by the sender’s Private Key.

Files Encryption Tools - CyberSafe

Password Encryption

CyberSafe File Encryption allows not Public Key Infrastructure-based encryption but also normal password-encryption. This is a simple and at the same time quite reliable method of information security. File decryption is possible only on a computer with CyberSafe Private Key installed.

Files Encryption Tools - CyberSafe

Creating Encrypted Archives

CyberSafe File Encryption provides the ability to safely and conveniently exchange data, which can be sent in a self-unpacking encrypted ZIP archive. Using this, files and folders are password protected. This method is convenient if the receiver does not have CyberSafe installed their computer.

Files Encryption Tools - CyberSafe

Hiding Files and Folders

CyberSafe File Encryption allows you to hide all folders with encrypted files from the operating system. The hidden elements remain invisible even when booting the computer in safe mode, while viewing it through a remote administration software, and also if CyberSafe is uninstalled from the computer.

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