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Modern encryption algorithms

AES is one of the most widely studied, and used symmetric block-encryption algorithms (key size up to 256 bits).

GOST is the Russian state standard for symmetric encryption (key size up to 256 bits). Among its advantages are that it renders forceful attacks useless, and it provides protection against the sneaking in of false data.

Blowfish is a block symmetric encryption algorithm (key size up to 448 bits). It is used when frequent change of keys is not required and high encryption and decryption speed is needed.

RSA is an asymmetric encryption algorithm (key size up to 8192 bits) allowing Public Key Infrastructure-based encryption (PKI), as well as the creation and validation of digital signatures.

Files Encryption Tools - CyberSafe

The Trusted Applications System

To strengthen security, CyberSafe Enterprise has the Trusted Applications System. It creates a list of trusted programs, which can have access to protected files for the folders they are stored in, while at the same time, programs that are not in this list will be denied access. This allows you to restrict access to confidential information to spyware, malware and other unwanted software.

Files Encryption Tools - CyberSafe

Licenses and Certificates

CyberSafe’s entire product line is certified and licensed by the FSB and FSTEK, which allows the program to be used with Crypto Pro CSP, which is certified in the Russian Federation for information processing in banking, and state institutions.

Files Encryption Tools - CyberSafe

Support and Training Materials

The official CyberSafe site has detailed text training materials and video lessons on how to use the program, which would be useful both to information security amateurs and seasoned users alike. If you cannot find an answer to a question that interests you, you can always ask through our site’s tech support.

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