CyberSafe Enterprise. Features

CyberSafe Enterprise: encryption software

Public Key Infrastructure feature for data protection. Encryption software

Public Key Infrastructure-Based Encryption

Certificate and Public Key Infrastructure-based file and folder encryption gives you the ability to use all the advantages of asymmetric cryptography. The fact that CyberSafe has its own key server allows the user to publish their own open key and also get open keys from other employees of the same company.

Public Key Infrastructure-Based Encryption Software

Email encryption, creation and verification of digital signatures

E-mail Encryption, and the Creation and Validation of Digital Signatures

CyberSafe Enterprise provides the ability to protect Enterprise electronic correspondence through any e-mail client (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat!, etc.), and also when using mobile devices with iOS and Android. E-mail encryption is certificate-based, and done in the X.509 and PKCS#12 formats. Step-by-step instructions on encryption control features are provided in User’s Guide and on the CyberSafe website.

Email encryption, creation and verification of digital signatures. Encryption software

Whole disk encryption and creation of virtual volumes. Encryption software

Hard Drive Encryption and Virtual Volume Creation

CyberSafe Enterprise allows you to protect all the data on a hard drive, whether that be from a computer, a laptop, an external hard drive, or a USB flash drive, as well as to create separate encrypted partitions of any size on these drives. Only the file system of NTFS is supported!

Hard Drive Encryption and Virtual Volume Creation. Encryption software

Using this, you can create virtual encrypted disks and store confidential information on them in an encrypted format, while at the same time all the other information on your computer will be unencrypted and available for use.

Transparent encryption. Encryption software

Transparent encryption

CyberSafe Enterprise provides the ability to use the transparent encryption feature for folders on the user’s local computer and also network folders on a remote server.
If a remote server is being used, transparent encryption provides fast and convenient simultaneous functioning with secret files to several users.

Transparent Encryption. Allowed applications

Encryption/decryption processes occur automatically “on-the-fly” upon file creation and editing. The company employees do not need to have any skills in the field of cryptography to work with protected documents, they do not need to do anything extra to decrypt or encrypt confidential files.

Full list of features

  1. Creation, import, export certificates
  2. Publication of certificates
  3. Encrypting files for transfer
  4. Create SFX-packets with encrypted files
  5. Transparent folder encryption
  6. Trusted application system
  7. Cloud encryption
  8. Decrypting of files
  9. Electronic signature files
  10. Check the electronic signature
  11. Encryption and hiding drives
  12. Cyptocontainers

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