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CyberSafe Enterprise: encryption software

Transparent Network Folder Encryption. CyberSafe encryption software

Transparent Network Folder Encryption

The program CyberSafe Enterprise can be used to efficiently set up transparent encryption for network folders in a corporate environment where there is a need to provide several company employees with simultaneous access to the same encrypted folder, and also for setting access privileges for confidential information of any sensitivity level.

The Trusted Applications System was added to CyberSafe Enterprise to strengthen its security. It creates a list of trusted programs that will be able to access protected files for the folder the files are kept in, while the files that are not trusted will not have access. This allows you to limit access to confidential information for spyware, malware and other unwanted applications.

Allowed applications

Encryption on the User’s Computer. CyberSafe encryption software

Encryption on the User’s Computer

When CyberSafe Enterprise is used for network folder encryption, all file encryption and decryption is performed exclusively by the user’s computer. This means that confidential files on the server are always stored encrypted which provides reliable protection. The program does not have to be installed on the file server and can be used in a corporate environment for information security in network-attached storages with an NTFS file system.

Storing keys on tokens. CyberSafe encryption software

Storing keys on tokens

CyberSafe Enterprise allows you to hold cryptographic keys on tokens. It provides an additional level of security – you can always keep the private key on your person instead of leaving it on your computer.

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