CyberSafe Mobile. Practice

CyberSafe Mobile. Practice

Managing safes

In order to access an existing safe you have to add it to the list first. To add a safe to the list press “Add existing safe” button and select your safe. To browse a safe click on its name in the list and enter the password (or draw the pattern password). If your safe is encrypted using keyfiles, you can click on “Keyfiles” button to select them. If the password is correct the CyberSafe Mobile file browser will be opened.

To close a safe, return to the safes list and click on “Close safe” in the safe’s context menu. The safe can be closed automatically, if no data has been read/written to/from it for the specified period of time. You can enable this option in the program settings. If click on “Stop service and exit” menu item, then all the open safes will be closed and the main service will be stopped.

You can remove a safe from the list using safe’s context menu.

Mounting a safe

To enable safe mounting go to “Settings”->”Mount settings”. If your kernel supports fuse select “Mount with FUSE”. Now, if you open a safe it will be mounted.

If safe mounting is enabled then the safe will be mounted when you open it. After the safe is mounted you can use your favorite file manager to browse the safe. Close the safe to unmount it. Sometimes the safe could not be closed because some process is accessing files inside the safe. In that case you can choose to “force unmount” the safe.

File operations

The following file operations are available in “normal” mode: copy, move, delete, rename, send and copy to the temporary folder. To encrypt a file you have to copy it from the device to the safe. To decrypt a file you have to copy it from the safe to the device.

If you want to perform a file operation with a single file then you should find this file in the CyberSafe Mobile file manager, open its context menu and select the operation. To perform a file operation with multiple files you have to select them first. Open the folder in which the files are located in CyberSafe Mobile file manager. Click on “Multi select” in the main menu. Select the files. Then you can select the operation you want in the context menu or in the main menu. If you want to copy (or move) files then after selecting “Copy” (or “Cut”) in the menu you have to go to the destination folder and click on “Paste” menu item in the main menu or in the context menu.

For more details please see CyberSafe Mobile User Guide.

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