CyberSafe Mobile. Features

CyberSafe Mobile. Features

Key CyberSafe Mobile’s features:

  • Any file type encryption. All standard file operations support.
  • Safes on a PC are supported.
  • View images and play audio and video files directly from a Safe.
  • Network folders support.
  • Mount network folders to the file system device. Automatic mounting / unmounting.
  • Transparent encryption (encryption on the fly).
  • AES algorithm support.
  • Compatibility with CyberSafe Top Secret/Enterprise for PC.
  • Key files support.
  • All file changes are automatically saved in a Safe.
  • Graphical passwords.
  • No root access for standard mode is needed.
  • Supported file systems: FAT, EXT4, EXT3, EXT2, NTFS.

To be able to mount Safe to a folder (advanced mode):

  • Root access.
  • Device core must support “fuse”.

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