Cybersafe Firewall. Features

Cybersafe Firewall

Access filtration.

Cybersafe Firewall carries out access filtration for known unprotected services, protects received private information from a secure subnetwork, and does not allow use of vulnerable Windows services which could introduce malware into a secure subnetwork.

Access control.

Cybersafe Firewall controls access to network nodes and registers all access attempts both from outside, and from the internal network, which allows it to keep track of the use of access in the Internet by separate nodes of the network. Access control is carried out on the basis of safety rules, and limits and resending of traffic on the basis of rules for IP address, protocols, ports and masks of the subnetwork.

Regulating access.

CyberSafe Firewall is an internetwork firewall allowing you to control active network connections, and create security rules for them, regulating the way they access the network. Rules filters are drawn up on a low level in the network driver and, thereafter, become more secure than filters set on the level of applications, which are used by the majority of other personal brandmauers.

Traffic control.

CyberSafe Firewall controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. When network traffic is being controlled, the server is completely protected from attacks through unused ports or applications with access to the server. CyberSafe Firewall offers developing and flexible filtration for creation of a network policy of any complexity necessary for corporate use.

Cybersafe Firewall. Active Connections

Network address translation.

The program carries out address translation via NAT (Network Address Translation), which allows the prevention or limiting of external communication with internal hosts, leaving the ability for outgoing communication, thus hiding unprotected services of internal hosts/servers.

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