Cybersafe Firewall. Benefits

Cybersafe Firewall

Using SPI technology.

Cybersafe Firewall is built using SPI technology (filtration which takes into account context), while keeping track of current connections and allowing out only those packets which are needed for system logic and working algorithms for protocols and applications. It guarantees the functioning of protocols such as H.323, SIP, FTP, which are often incompatible with standard firewalls. These types of firewalls allow you to fight more effectively with various types of DoS-attack, and other vulnerabilities of some kinds of network protocol.

Filtration of incoming packets.

Cybersafe Firewall monitors sessions between applications, and does not let packets through which violate TCP/IP specifications, which are commonly used for ill-intended operations- resource scanning, inbreaks through improper TCP/IP use, disconnection/slowed connection, data intrusions.

A new level of security.

Cybersafe Firewall guarantees a higher level of security than applications based on personal brandmauers, and promises blanket protection from incursions. But at the same time, it is much cheaper than brandmauers of a higher class.

Monitoring status.

Firewall with monitoring of the status of existing connections markedly increases packet filter security in that it holds the attributes of every connection in its memory. It stores information on the status of each connection from beginning to end and carries out all resource-intensive checks at the time the connection is established. All packets of a session are worked through much more quickly.

CyberSafe Firewall, Packet Log

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