Cybersafe Firewall

Cybersafe Firewall

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The Cybersafe Firewall is a powerful internetwork firewall, developed by the specialists at CyberSafe Software LP for protecting computer systems and local networks from external harmful actions. The effectiveness of its protection is achieved by filtration of incoming and outgoing traffic on the basis of chosen security settings. The levels of safety are regulated for each network interface, which is very convenient when setting user permissions. A firewall hides all ports in order to make your computer invisible to scanning (Stealth security), and defends your system from external attacks, while monitoring all potential and real threats.

The Cybersafe Firewall was developed as an integrated solution for protecting systems based on the Windows operating system. It can be used both as an internetwork shield on a server, or as a personal brandmauer firewall, installed on the user’s computer. Using it, one can carry out monitoring, traffic control for internet resources, and looking over incoming and outgoing traffic with the ability to sort and export to a file. It also gives you the ability to regulate access to personal resources on a computer, for example: files, printers, etc. The built in service for reassigning ports and addresses even allows you to create server clusters.

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