Disk Encryption. Advantages

CyberSafe Disk Encryption

Remote Master Key Storage

Storing Keys on Tokens

CyberSafe Disk Encryption allows cryptographic keys to be stored on tokens, which provides an additional level of security – you can always keep your private key on your person, instead of leaving it on your computer. In CyberSafe, an ordinary flash drive can be used as a token, which makes this feature available to practically any user.

Increased Security

Support for Several Cryptoproviders

OpenSSL is an open-source cryptographic protocol that allows you to create RSA, DH, and DSA keys, as well as X.509 and PKCS#12 certificates, digital signatures, and create CSR and CRT.

OpenPGP is a public key infrastructure-based email encryption protocol, which sets standard formats for encrypted messages, digital signatures, and private keys, as well as allowing digital signature validation upon public key exchange.

CryptoPro CSP is the Russian Federation certified cryptoprovider, which supports the GOST 28147-89 and GOST P34.10-2001 cryptostandards that must be used in any information system associated with the processing and storage of information that constitutes a state secret.

Increased Security

Licenses and Certificates

CyberSafe’s entire product line is certified and licensed by the FSB and FSTEK, which allows the program to be used with Crypto Pro CSP, which is certified in the Russian Federation for information processing in banking, and state institutions.

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