CyberSafe Certification Authority

CyberSafe Certification Authority

CyberSafe Certification Authority (CyberSafe Certification Authority) is the customized application intended for creation, holding and working with certificates. The personal certificate of CyberSafe is created directly for each user and includes his name and the e-mail address that is very convenient – such certificate is your unique identifier in the digital world. Certificates and identification represented with their help is a universal and secure method of the users’ authentication the world community recognizes.

The CyberSafe personal certificate contains the user’s key pair (public and private keys), and also certificates in the X.509 and PKCS#12 formats. The public key is intended for sending it to other users that with its help they could send encrypted messages to your address. The private key is used for these messages decryption, and also for digital signatures creation. The X.509 and PKCS#12 certificates are used for e-mail encryption in various e-mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat!, and others.

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