Encryption Software

CyberSafe TopSecret Software

CyberSafe TopSecret is mighty tool to protect your valuable information. The software provides data encryption, secure backup encryption, a digital signature, Skype protection, the ability to correctly conceal folders and files and much more.

With such unique software like CyberSafe you get all necessary tools to keep your information safe without any problems and difficulties in a reliable and easy way. The software provides lots of various methods and means for files protection and signing.

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CyberSafe Disk Encryption Software

Sharing of encrypted binary files and open source code provides an Optimal Decision!

As far as CyberSafe encryption is partly open sourced, you can be assured of absolute safety of the encryption primitives. In the same time, the software has virtually encrypted binaries without open source, which are necessary to provide the integrity of the encryption element.

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CyberSafe Files Encryption

The unique Encryption Tools by CyberSafe for Files Encryption

With CyberSafe you get all necessary features for file encryption in one kit that can be assembled only with several other venders. The Software works with most famous encryption software venders such as CryptoArm, PGP, Cleopatra and others; it uses all known standards and algorithms. The S/MIME feature allows you to protect all existing e-mail clients.

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Сybersafe – Amazon s3 Encryption Software

Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Server) is online web-service that gives you the possibility to store on its servers any amount of data and the ability to access them anytime and from anywhere.

In other words – it is the storage in the Net, something like a hosting. But, in comparison with the usual hosting service, the Amazon S3 has some advantages. First, it provides virtually unlimited space for data storage – from tens of megabytes to thousands of gigabytes. Secondly, the Amazon S3 is cloud storage, and it means that all the data of each user are stored in several locations, and it ensures complete safety of the information. Third, Amazon is able to withstand all kinds of loads from users, while usual server may simply fail from unexpectedly increased requests (so-called Digg-effect).

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Chat Skype Encryption Software: what is it and why you should use it

Development of information technologies and the spread of unlimited Internet have led to the fact that the voice and video calls in the Global Network become available to almost everyone, and the program called “Skype” installed on almost every computer that has access to the World Wide Web. But have you ever thought how safe such online chat? What if your conversation – it is not daily chatter, but something really important? What if you give to your interlocutor valuable information, which you would not want to share with outsiders? Nowadays there are so many persons who like meddle in other people’s business – some may do so on the basis of lucrative interests, and some just for fan.

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Hiding Files and Folders

One way to protect the data on your computer is to hide files and folders. The necessity to hide the information may occur for many reasons. Some people just need to hide their private photos and videos from prying eyes, and some in this way try to protect their confidential data – important text files, passwords, phone numbers, etc. It is often necessary to hide a whole directory with tens or hundreds of files. The essence of this method is simple – if the hidden files and folders will not be found, then nobody can access them.

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