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The privacy of users is highly important to CyberSafe Software LP. We’ve developed a Privacy Policy that includes the collecting, usage, disclosure, transferring and storage of your information. Be so kind and spend a minute of your time to learn more about CyberSafe Privacy policy and let us know if you have questions.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal information can be used for identification of a person or for contacting a person. If you are in contact with CyberSafe or CyberSafe affiliated company then you may be asked to give your personal information anytime. CyberSafe may share this data between each other and use it according to CyberSafe Privacy policy. It can also be used with other information to upgrade and improve new products: services, advertising and content.

You can find out what information CyberSafe collects, how we use it and for what we use it from the examples below.

What kind of personal information we collect

  • We collect information that you give when you create a CyberSafe ID, register products, buy a product, download a software update, register on the CyberSafe Server or take part in an online survey. We may collect different information such as: your full name, e-mail address, mailing address, number of your phone, information about your credit card and preferences of created contact.
  • When you decide to share some content, send gift certificates and products, invite people to CyberSafe forums, CyberSafe may use this kind of information about your friends, family, colleagues, that you’ve shared: names, mailing addresses, phone numbers.

Use of your personal information

  • The collected personal information helps us to keep you informed in latest CyberSafe’s product announcements, software updates, upcoming events, news about new upgraded stuff. This information also helps us to make our services, contend and advertising better and more useful. In case you don’t want to receive e-mail letters you may unsubscribe anytime. To do this this you should update your preferences and mark that you don’t want to receive letters.
  • Also personal information is used for development, improvement and delivery of our products, content, services and advertising.
  • Sometimes we may use your personal information for your own material incentive. We may send important notices that include information about communications, your purchases, changes of terms of your agreement with CyberSafe, changes to other conditions and policies. This information is highly important for you, that’s why you can’t unsubscribe of receiving these communications. This kind of communication is one of the basic principles in cooperation with CyberSafe.
  • Personal information may be also used for inner purposes of the company: auditing, analysis of data, research and improvement of CyberSafe products, services, and customer communications.
  • If you or your account takes part in sweepstake, different contests, promotions then your personal data can also be used for the programs’ purposes.

Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information

We also may collect and use your not personal information. It’s a data that doesn’t allow the direct communication with person and doesn’t give exact characteristics according to which the person may be identified straight away.

This kind of information can be collected, used and disclosed for any purpose of the company. Here you can see the examples of non-personal information, it’s collecting and usage:

  • We may collect data about occupation, zip and area codes, language, unique device identifier, location, and the time zone where you use CyberSafe product. According to this information we can improve the quality of our products, services and advertising, understand the customers’ behavior better for further development.
  • We can also collect data about the customer’s activity on our site and from our other products and services. It helps us to deliver the most useful information to our users and to define the most interesting parts of our website, the best features of our products and services.

In case we need to mix the personal and not personal information we combine it and use it as personal information for the period that it’s combined.

Cookies and Other Technologies

The official website of CyberSafe, it’s online services, applications, advertisements and e-mail addresses may use cookies, pixel tags and other technologies.

They help us to understand the behavior of our users, make statistics about our website, effectiveness of advertisements and web searches. With help of this data we can define and measure the effectiveness of our products and services.

This data is considered to be a non-personal information. Nevertheless, the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or other identifiers of that sort are personal information according to the local law. That’s why we consider it as a personal information as well. By analogy, if non-personal information is mixed with personal information, we consider this combination as personal information.

CyberSafe and CyberSafe affiliated companies use cookies in mobile services to check the amount of times you view ads, send ads of your interest and for your convenience to make ad campaigns more effective. If you don’t like this kind of notifications you may unsubscribe. In case you unsubscribe, you will receive less mobile ads and they will be less useful because they will not be based on your interests. The end of subscription means that you will not receive notifications from CyberSafe advertising services. But notifications from other services work on the same conditions.

CyberSafe and CyberSafe affiliated companies use cookies and other services to remember personal information when you check our website, use services and applications. Main aim of our company in this branch is to make the usage of our products more effective, convenient and personal. If we, for example, know your first name, we can welcome you next time you use our services, to be specific, when you use CyberSafe Online Store. If we know your language and country we can provide you with better shopping information. Knowledge about your computer and other devices help us to provide you with relevant ads and email communications according to your needs. Your contact information and product serial numbers will help us with products’ registration for better customer service.

If you don’t want to use cookies and your web browser is Safari, you may disable cookies in privacy pane in preferences of the program. Using CyberSafe mobile device choose settings – Safari –Cookie section. If you use other browsers you should disable cookies according to the specific browsers properties. You should mind that some features of an CyberSafe website are not available without cookies.

Some information is gathered from our website automatically and is saved in log files: Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, Internet service provider (ISP), type of browser and language, operating system, date, clickstream data, referring and exit pages.

This data is used for understanding trends, to manage the site and learn more about customers’ behavior on the site. We also make statistics about demographic information. It is also used in marketing and advertising services.

In some messages you may find a “click-through URL” that links you with CyberSafe website. When you click these URLs you go through a separate web server before CyberSafe website.

We follow and save this data for determination of the interests of each user and make our ads more convenient. If you don’t want to be tracked like this you should not click text or graphic links in a received email messages. Pixel tags allow us to see information about opened or not opened letters. This can be used to limit the quantity of messages sent to customers.

Disclosure to Third Parties

When you buy any CyberSafe product you should activate and authorize it. In this case you should provide the company with information that you exchange during the activation itself. If service approves your activation then you will be governed by CyberSafe and its carrier’s respective privacy policies.

Your Personal information will be used only by CyberSafe for improvement of our products, services and advertising. We will not share it with third parties for their personal needs or purposes of marketing.

Sometimes CyberSafe may share some of your personal data with our strategic partners or with CyberSafe affiliated companies that help us in development of new services, applications and advertisements.

Service Providers

CyberSafe shares your personal information with companies that extend your credit, fulfill your orders, delivery services, manage and enhance your data, provide your services, conduct customers research or satisfaction surveys, assess your interest in our products and services. According to the law and privacy policy these services have to protect your personal information and are not allowed to share it, unless it’s mentioned in other documents. Also these companies can be located in places where CyberSafe is working.

Other terms of privacy policy

The disclosure of personal information may be demanded by legal process, litigation, law, requests from public and governmental authorities in or out of your country. In this case we are obliged to disclose the personal information.

Also it can be disclosed for purposes of national security, law enforcement and public importance according to the local law. If you don’t fulfill the terms of agreement with CyberSafe or you need additional enforcement for fulfilling our terms we may also make a decision to disclose information about you.

If we are going through reorganization, merge, sale we may transfer some or all your personal information to the appropriate third party.

Protection of Personal Information

CyberSafe takes steps against loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction of your personal information. Our online services use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that helps to encrypt on all web sites where your personal data is saved. If you want to buy something with help of these services you should use SSL-enabled browser. These are Safari, Internet Explorer or Mozilla. Using this scheme helps to protect the information during its transfer through the Internet.

When you use some CyberSafe products, services, applications or post on the CyberSafe forum, chat or social networking service, the data you post or share is visible to other users so they can read it, see it, share it and use it. In this case the full responsibility is on you. If you’ve written your name or address in chat then this information becomes public information, so be careful with what you post or share.

Integrity and Retention of Personal Information

CyberSafe helps you to keep your information accurate, complete and up to date. We will keep your personal information for the period required by Privacy Policy for fulfilling necessary purposes. Also this period can be lingered by required or permitted law.

Access to Personal Information

You can make a request for correction of your data or deleting it if our company is not obliged to keep it by law or for legitimate business purposes. We can decline your request in case if they are too repetitive, require much technical effort, endanger the privacy of other users, are not useful or for which access is not otherwise required by local law.

Location-Based Services

For the usage of location-based services CyberSafe, our partners and licensees may collect, use, and share precise location data. It includes the real location of your computer or device. We collect this information for general improvement of our location-based products and services. This data is collected anonymously and can’t personally identify you. We may share the information about your location with application providers that you have subscribed for.

Third-Party Websites and Services

CyberSafe websites, products, applications, and services may contain links to third-party websites, products, and services. Our products and services may also use links referred to third parties.

Third parties may collect the data about the location or other personal information as well. The usage and sharing of it depends directly on their own privacy policy. Before using and sharing your information with third parties you should learn more about terms and conditions of their privacy practices.

Our Companywide Commitment to Your Privacy

To convince you that your personal data is protected, we work with our employees and enlarge their knowledge about our privacy and security guidelines. It helps to enforce privacy safeguards inside the company.

Questions about privacy

If you have any questions concerning CyberSafe’s Privacy Policy you are free to contact us and we will give you the full information on your request.

Sometimes the Privacy Policy can change according to different circumstances. In these cases we post the information about such changes on our website and change the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy.

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